My name is Emma Gillespie, I just graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) with a degree in Entertainment and Media Studies and a minor in Religion. 
For as long as I can remember, I found myself pulling out my camera to capture experiences in photos or videos. When I was ten years old, I offered to do extra chores so that I could buy the five-dollar iMovie app to make movies for my family and friends. Taking and editing video became one of my favorite and most constant hobbies I did while growing up.
While on a mission trip the summer before my senior year in high school, I created a short film documenting our experience. The director of the ministry was so impressed that asked to use it as a promotional video on their website. I realized then that this was beyond just a hobby and decided to pursue videography as a career.
That experience was pivotal for me, and after it, I really leaned in and began to see myself as a creative professional. I took my video projects more seriously. I accepted a job with North Point Ministries Creative Services Department where I worked two summers during college. As I gained more experience with new cameras and equipment, learned the intricacies of the editing software and welcomed constructive criticism, I gained the confidence to share more of my work with others. At this point, people started to reach out to me for various filming projects.
I discovered how deeply rooted my passion for telling people’s stories was, and how I was unique in that way because I did not have a specific niche that I wanted to target- I loved all of it! Freelance videography gives me the opportunity to combine my love for cultivating relationships and capturing life's sweetest moments. I am passionate about all kinds of projects, such as weddings, documentaries, event highlights, promotional marketing etc. I hope to get the opportunity to partner with you!

Captured Media is dedicated to filming the moments that become memories. I found my passion for film through a series of prayerful "yes's". Starting my own business was the next right step in pursuing my dream and although change is rarely easy, I'm learning it is so worth it. My logo design incorporates a butterfly's profile to symbolize this transformation and the promises of the Lord's faithfulness that have guided me to this point. Capturing the natural, beautiful moments in life has become my calling, and I am choosing to vibrantly responds each day with another cheerful "yes".
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